Fairy Tale Dust

sprinkled with fairy tales for girls.


Fairytaledust is a collection of beloved fairy tale stories especially chosen for children.

It is an interactive site that has kids printable fairy tales crafts, activities, games and coloring pages for many of your favorite fairy tales. You can also watch a wide collection of fairy tale movies online.

Did you know that there are many different versions of famous fairy tales such as  Snow White and Cinderella?  How about the story about the Princess who wore a Donkey Skin?. You will be surprised to read many different versions of classic and famous tales and also discover hundreds of beautiful new fairy tales that you may never have heard of before. Click new fairy tales to read fairy tales the site owner has written herself.

Many fairy tales have been re written into simple language so that mothers and fathers can read these magical stories to their kids. We also delete and change various elements of fairy tales to make it more friendly for reading to children.

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